August 5

Rocket will be at Orlando Maker Fair

Rocket Burns will be at Orlando Maker Fair promoting his company Elec-Tech and selling wooden items like coasters and drumsticks that have had the lichtenberg-process applied to them. Check out the link above for more!

If you need it designed, built or machined I can do it. With experience in design programs like Autodesk Inventor and Autocad as well as years of experince with machines like 3D printers, Laser Cutters, CNC routers, Lathes, and CNC mills, I can take your idea from a back-of the napkin sketch to a finished product.





Need something 3D printed? Have a great idea but don't know how to design objects to be 3D printed? I offer both design and printing services. Go from idea to product in days at very affordable prices. High quality, fast, and large prints are no problem for me.


Want to check out my past projects, both personal and business-related? Look no further. My portfolio is a collection of projects I have successfully completed and a good way to show the quality and craftmanship that goes into each production.

Wondering about my Certifications, skillset, and experience? Here you can view my resume for a good overview of what sets me apart from others in terms of  my knowledge, past projects, and accomplishments.


Completed Commission :

Cymatics Device 

A new commission project has been completed! This device is a logic puzzle based on a chladni plate for installation in an Escape Room

3D printing


Quality, Precision, and Innovation 

Rocket Burns has been honing and perfecting his skills in Electronics, Mechanical design, programming, and fabrication for several years. He now teaches classes on robotics systems, engineering, and analog electronics. He serves as Fabrication specialist for a nationally recognized competitive rocketry team, as well as works with the electronics department of a nationally recognized FRC competitive robotics team. He has started multiple companies, including Rocket Technologies LLC, under which Rocket3D was formed, an effort to design and sell sub-$150 educational 3D printer kits. Currently his efforts are focused on his company Kilovolt Collection, which produces wooden objects engraved with lightning-patterns as well as his consulting and design services (Both of which serve to fund Rocket3D). He has built projects like 3D printers, Arcade machines, CNC plotters, Tesla coils, and much more. He has both experience with and access to several industrial machines including Laser Cutters, CNC mills, Lathes, 3D printers, etc. as well as a deep knowledge of programming skills including Java and C.

Commisions, 3D printing, and more

Rocket Burns